Prophet TB Joshua Warning to FG After Returning from Mountain

TB Joshua
Nigerians Blast TB Joshua Over March 27 Coronavirus Prophecy

Leader of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua has agreed with the Federal Government on the lockdown relaxation saying it might have led to depression and suicide.

This is coming days after he was reportedly weeping and fasting,  seeking the face of God on a mountain top to end the Coronavirus scourge.

TB Joshua who described the lockdown order as an evil spirit, said what the government is trying to protect people from (COVID-19) is not as dangerous as it is said to be.

The cleric issued a strong warning that continuous lockdown is an evil spirit that can lead to depression, laziness and suicide.

He said the government has succeeded in putting the spirit of fear, addiction and the spirit of violence in the people.

“Our government doesn’t know that lockdown is a spirit, an evil spirit – spirit of laziness, spirit of depression, spirit of suicide,” he said during a live Sunday worship.

“Those who once surrounded themselves with people find themselves surrounded only by four empty walls. This can cause depression and suicidal thoughts.

“Those who never stayed on a spot are now confined to one spot. Our government doesn’t know this. They think they are protecting us from the spirit of COVID19 but what is COVID19 in comparison to the repercussion?

“Our government, our leaders, our presidents, you are doing good for the world but what you are trying to protect us from is not as dangerous as what you are putting us into.

“That spirit that has entered your life – spirit of fear, spirit of addiction, spirit of violence – be cast out! Be cast out! In the name of Jesus! 

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