Human Right Writers Association Of Nigeria Call For Immediate Arrest Of Prophet Odumeje

The Human Right Writers Association Of Nigeria has requested for the immediate arrest and persecution of the popular Pastor, Chukwuemeka Ohanmere also known as prophet Odumeje.

The Human Right Writers Association made the request through the governor, Cenral Bank Of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele as they ordered for the immediate arrest of the pastor who currently reside in Onitshia, Anambra State, South East part of Nigeria.

The comic pastor who is well known with his dramatic display on pulpit has been frequently accused for wrong uttrances recently. His way of life seems so simple that he can associate with any calibre of human being but his utterances seems annoying a times.

Few days ago, One popular Nollywood actor, Zubby Micheal had a live video to debunk Prophet Odumeje being his pastor as regards to the rumour, The said pastor gave him power.

Human Right Writters Association accused Odumeje of several abuses of the Nigerian Naira and other currencies during his public ceremonies and his church activities at Onitsha where he resides.

The association expressed consternation that despite the wanton and arbitrary disrespect and outright abuse of the Nigerian Naira and other currencies during religious rituals which are usually transmitted live globally and aired on all social media platforms and watched by millions of viewers, the Central Bank Of Nigeria has failed to take solid and verifiable steps to arrest and the prophet for persecution as the law demands.

The pastor has been frequently captured spraying Nigeria Naira and other currency in many places where he hosted occasions and in his churches even during church services.

Group said, they have agreed to write to President Muhammadu Buhari, The Governor Central Bank and The Honourable Minister of Finance to implore them to stand up and defend the Naira.

Human Right Writers Association has told the authorities to stop the global defacing of the Naira which is often telecast globally, showing the self acclaimed pastor and prophet spraying Nigeria Naira and other parts of the globe currencies on the floor of his place of worship and other ceremony arenas.

The Association also said that the said prophet Odumeje, calls himself many other names such as The lion, indarbosky and the liquid Metal and many others, has contributed immensely to bringing global censure.

The Pastor also make use of many other slangs or slogans to communicate and pass messages to people indirectly such as Akpa gi icha n' Uzo in Igbo language that is (If you are dribbled, make way), Isi na Ihe anyi na eme enweghi Isi, Iperu Isi go tinye ya o nwe Isi(if you say what we are doing has no meaning, then cut off your head and put to make it meaninful) and many others.

The Association has requested that the said pastor Odumeje should be arrested with immediate effect and brought book as the law demands.

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