COVID-19: Nyesome Wike live broadcast on AIT, as he updates Rivers people on the journey so far


(1). I can’t go to Cross River state to carry rice for the people of Rivers state, you can’t reduce my state to that level.

(2). For us in Rivers state, we are not hungry to the level of going to Cross River to get 1,800 bags of rice for Rivers people.

(3). And the rice the FG is talking about has expired, maybe the FG wants to kill Rivers people.

(4). We have set our own taskforce since FG has withdrawn their securities.

(5). Rice and garri contains carbohydrates, FG would have asked us what we need, and not telling me to go to Cross River to get just 1,800 bags of expired rice.

(6). Nigeria is a country where we have different rules for different persons and states.

(7). People who can’t win election are the ones giving FG fake confidence. “I’m the only person who can fight that governor”

(8). People in Rivers state should remove politics from the fight against COVID-19.

(9). Don’t bring garri from somewhere and tell Rivers people to buy, because I will send you back to wherever you come from.

(10). How can the FG deduct money from my state without my concern. We are not in military regime. I’m not fighting the govt, but the right thing should be done.
You can’t manipulate my state account to support Nigerian Police without my concern.

(11). In Nigeria, no one is ready to say anything because they are afraid that they will deny you of state support. I will challenge the FG in court. Whether I lose or not, but let it be known that I’m not one of those their good boys who are afraid to speak.
Like my friend Dino Melaye would always said, “If you speak the truth you die, if you don’t speak the truth you die” I will rather prefer to face one judgment when I die not face judgment from any man now that I’m still alive.

(12). Cross River state Governor is their boy, but if I said so it will be interpreted that I’m challenging the FG.

(13). Cross river Governor is one of their good boys, so they won’t see anything bad from the statement he said that NCDC will be quarantine.

(14). Because I requested that FG should give us our share, they now said I’m fighting the govt. Treat B the way you have treated A it becomes an offense. But we would continue to ask. Because my father said when you are sick and you refused to tell him, if anything happens, you should blame yourself because you didn’t tell him

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