You Arrest Funke for not Observing Social Distancing Yet Right There in Court, Everybody is Clustered

The popular Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has recently reacted as Funke Akindele was arrested for not observing social distancing yet people were clustered in the court.

Funke Akindele is a popular Nollywood actress who was arrested few days ago for not observing social distancing which was an order to all Nigerians from the Federal Government due to the issue of Coronavirus disease which has posed a big threat to Nigeria and the world at large.

Yul Edochie who happens to be one of the biggest actors in Nigeria made it known to the public that people were clustered inside the court where Funke was brought to.

He also said that reporters were outside the court. Yul suggested that these people should also be arrested because they are not maintaining social distancing which was why Funke is in court. He said this on his Twitter handle few hours ago.

The actor was really furious about this because it is not right.

On his tweet he wrote,

"This country sef, I tire. You arrest Funke for not observing social distancing and take her to court. Right there in court, everybody is clustered. Outside the court all the reporters are clustered. No social distancing observed at all. Shouldn't they all be arrested as well? ".

Following the replies to Yul Edochie's tweet, a lot of Nigerians supported what he said because he was very right.

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