Tramadol Effect: Police Parade Armed Robber Sleeping After 24 Hours (Pictures)

Stay away from drugs!

About 24 hours after he was arrested for alleged armed robbery and attempted kidnapping, the police in Ondo State is yet to know the identity of a middle-aged man who has been sleeping due to effects of tramadol.

During the parade of the suspect and other criminal suspects at the Ondo state police command headquarters yesterday in Akure, Ondo State, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Femi Joseph said the suspect and two others now at large had entered a pharmacy shop to carry out an operation when he was arrested.
Joseph further said that the owner of the pharmacy on sighting the gang with arms, escaped through the exit door.
According to him, the gang later came out of the shop at gunpoint and collected one Boxer Bajaj motorcycle from one Daodu Wale who arrived the chemist to buy drugs, the other two escaped with the bike, while the suspect who is yet to be identified, attempted to use the boxer motorcycle they came with to escape from the scene.
He was said to have stumbled and fell and was overpowered by passersby and sympathizers.
One cut to size locally made barrel was recovered from him and a 400 MG tablet of tramadol was recovered from his pocket.
Another suspect identified as Mapayi Taye the police alleged aided the escape of two robbery suspects from police detention recently.
The suspect according to the police spokesman have accused the police of extra judicial killing of one of the robbery suspect whom the police claimed was killed during another robbery operation after his escape from SARS detention

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