7 Mistakes People Make When Apologizing

We tend to offend people sometimes in our life. However, issuing an apology
to people the right way can go a long way to make things right. But most people are lagging in this area. This article will focus on the mistakes people make when apologizing.

7 Mistakes People Make When Apologizing

#1 Making Excuses

One of the mistakes people make when apologizing is that they give excuses for their actions. Ordinarily, an apology is all about taking responsibility for your mistakes not making excuses for them.

#2 Being Insincere In It

Insincerity is among the mistakes people make when apologizing. When you wrong someone, be very sincere and passionate while begging for forgiveness.

#3 Doing It Via SMS

It is always better to issue an apology face to face rather than doing it via SMS. When it is face to face, there will be eye contacts and the aggrieved person will know if you are truly sincere.

#4 Saying Am Sorry But

This is one of the worst ways to issue an apology. Just come clean and don’t try to justify your actions. This is the most common mistakes people make when apologizing.

#5 Blaming The Other Person

As a rule, never blame other people while you are apologizing. It will make you look unremorseful.

The truth is that, if you aren’t remorseful in your apology, then there is nothing to be sorry about.

#6 Apologizing Late

Sometimes, when you wait so long before you apologize, the situation can actually go worse. So, it is better you do it in time before it is too late.

#7 Expecting Immediate Forgiveness

Never expect immediate forgiveness when you issue an apology. Just give the aggrieved person time to let things slide.

These are the mistakes people make when apologizing.

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