5 Things About You Never To Feel Inferior About

5 Things about you never to feel inferior about

1. Your look:

You have to clear your conscience on this, you didn’t make yourself! The pinnacle of your career is not a function of your look. Stephen Hawking was a celebrated physicist, he was disabled but never let that impede his success.

Any gf/bf who thinks you ain’t worth his/her looks can take the big door out. It is about the fact that you are a gold mine yet to be explored. Be nice, pursue your career and live healthy, that’s all that’s needed to have a king/queen!

2. Your family:

If you have a thing for your family such that you can’t flaunt your siblings even your parents, I will personally run from you. It doesn’t matter whatever you are going through, why should you hide your dad or introduce your mother to your friends as your cleaner?

Some will rather post pictures from friends’ rich parents mansion than from their very own village bungalow. It is not about the short term goals, it is about the fact that you may be a pauper for now, years to come means you will be great. Greatness is appreciated the most when you keep pictures of your humble life as souvenirs. No one will appreciate ‘Jumoke the estate manager’ but ‘Jumoke the bread seller’.

Enjoy your moments of suffering and chase greatness!

3. Your short-term business/career

You studied accountancy but no job, all you can do is venture into carpentry and you are quite making profits even if it’s peanut. It’s saddening to realize people shy away from what brings food to their table. That business is a means to an end, don’t give up while being a carpenter, still pursue your accountancy goals and it’s only a matter of time. Be proud and shout ‘I am a carpenter’ when friends working with Glo ask you what you do atm. It doesn’t mean you won’t account for NNPC tomorrow.

4. Your beliefs/opinion

Whatever beliefs you have are your life’s building blocks. This topic is very sensitive because everything you’ll be in life is an accumulation of your beliefs per time. Be careful what you believe in and don’t be ashamed about it. Let people know what you stand for, remember, it is not a disease!

5. Choices you make:

You are studying fine arts but you are intimidated by friends in engineering and and medicine? Seriously? You love slender-built women and your wife is one but you get intimidated by your friends with BBW? I don’t know what to say to you! Be proud of your choices not minding if they were mistakes, the sad thing is if you never learn from them

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