Why Jonathan should be docked - Oshiomhole .

Former Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, has said former president Jonathan should be docked if PDP insisted that prosecution of suspected looters were selective.

Oshiomhole noted that Jonathan should be docked for approving money beyond his powers and spending same in a way that was not accounted for. 

At the weekend, the former governor faulted the calls by the PDP that the National Assembly shouldn’t approve the $1b approved by the FG to battling insurgency. He said the PDP spent well above that sum without going to the National Assembly. 


On the condemnation that trailed the release of looters’ list, Oshiomhole said names of looters should be made public as it was the right of Nigerians to know the level of rot that transpired. 

Oshiomhole urged Pres Buhari to be ruthless in going against those alleged to have looted the nation’s resources. He said: “I hear them say prosecution is selective. Maybe they are right because if they are not maybe Jonathan should be in the dock. 

He approved money beyond his powers and spent it in a way that is not accounted for. I think that if other Nigerians don’t understand the power of transparency, the right to know, the media should uphold that right and defend it. 

What was stolen was not from private purse; the house that was destroyed was not a private residence. We are talking of resources, which if it is distributed on basis of equality and divide by 180 million people, you will be a lot richer. 

I think my only complaint is that the FG should go more ruthless. There are a lot of people who should be in court who are not there because when I was still in the office and I said the kind of money they stole was huge in dollars, they paid hired writers to say how do I know.

I know that we cannot be lamenting today without understanding that the treasury was burgled yesterday. It is like someone sneaked into your kitchen and took everything out and you woke up he tells you am sorry I stole the pot of soup, in fact, I broke the pot. Should we continue like that?” 

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