For Age 15 and above.


A young man and only son of an attention loving widow Chijioke Chinda, was sent to his home town Port Harcourt to head his company’s project.
Knowing that he’s becoming successful in life, he decided  to engage his girlfriend, Boma Koko. After that giant move, Boma begins to assume the position of his mother which created an attention-seeking induced between the Boma and Chijioke's Mum.

Key Actors:

Liz Ameye (formerly known as Liz Benson) , Daniel K Daniel, Uti Nwachukwu, Mary Lazarus

Pros and Cons:
I saw the trailer and decided to take my mum to the movies just because of the storyline and the fact that the movie was made by a Port Harcourt producer and shot in Port Harcourt. I was curious to know what the movie was going to be like and here's what I think.
The movie had a good storyline but then got boring at several intervals. The key actors did a great job, it was nice to Liz on screen again; yet the continuity was poor. I remember being up and loving a scene and next thing , I couldn't wait for a scene to  be over; Though I could actually relate every scene in the movie to real life experiences; it felt real.
The Location choices were good, Honestly, this was the first Port Harcourt shot movie that made a huge amount of sense.
I'll advise you to go see this movie with your mum, aunt, godmother, girlfriend, fiancé or any woman you are close to, this way you'll enjoy the movie more; my mum actually did enjoy the movie a million times more than me. 
Yes, you can go see this movie, it won't be a waste of cash.

Review Rating: ⭐️6/10

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