Florida Shooting Suspect Reportedly Became Violently Jealous After Break-up

According to a new report from BuzzFeed News, three students who knew Nikolas Cruz, the Florida school shooting suspect, said they reported him to the school administration for threatening them after Cruz’s ex-girlfriend broke up with him and started dating someone else.

It was just three days ago that Cruz reportedly walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School — from which he had been expelled in 2017 — and killed 17 people in what is being called one of the deadliest school shootings in American history. While Donald Trump responded to the massacre by scolding students for failing to report Cruz, the three students who spoke to BuzzFeed confirmed that they reported Cruz for violent behavior.

The three students were Dana Craig, Matthew Rosario (Craig’s boyfriend), and Enea Sabadini, the latter of whom began dating Cruz’s ex-girlfriend in late 2016. According to screenshots provided to BuzzFeed, under a now-deleted Instagram account, Cruz messaged Sabadini, “Im going to watch ypu bleed,” and, “iam going to shoot you dead.” Sabadini and Cruz also reportedly got into two physical fights, which Rosario, Craig, and one anonymous source reported to the school.

Cruz also allegedly threatened Craig, who knew Cruz because her ex-boyfriend was friends with him, and Cruz briefly dated her friend. Craig said she received violent Instagram messages through Cruz’s ex-girlfriend’s Instagram account (she believes Cruz was sending the messages), which she recalled for BuzzFeed.

“I’m going to get you and I’m going to kill you because you took this person away from me,” she remembers them saying. “I’m going to kill your family.” Craig told BuzzFeed she reported Cruz to the school’s head of security.

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