After putting out a Live Video showing her in the Kitchen thinking of appears Christy Glo ( Christy Glo) committed suicide last night.
Until her death, she was a massage therapist based in port Harcourt.
A facebook user Vicky shared a more detailed information on his page saying

To some persons, they still believe she is alive, to others, they don't know which to believe...but here is the thing; Christy Glo Christy Glo took her own life yesterday after putting out a Live Video showing her in the kitchen with a knife and also thinking about committing suicide.
Many persons and including me tried to reach out to her when the Live Video started only to discover that two of her major lines were put off, and only the Etisalat line was available (probably the one she was using for the live streaming). Nobody picked up her calls. I even tried calling via WhatsApp, sent messages, no response.
This morning, someone who claim to be her elder sister made a post indicating that the Christy died before they could get to her yesterday.
Few minutes after seeing the post, I called again only to hear a depressed voice, someone who isn't ready to talk again someone who just maybe isn't aware of a post on Glo christy's account this morning telling me again that "Sorry, this is the sister, the owner of the line is no more....and bla bla bla".
Some claim that she is alive simply because she is a graduate of theatre Art and can put up this publicity stunt but the truth is, the Young lady is Dead.

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