According to , they were informed of the death of one Port Harcourt based therapist Christy Glo. It's Was gathered that she killed herself after announcing her death via a Facebook Live stream (READ STORY) only to show up again with a post saying she "did that to know her real friends"

She was quickly attacked by her friend Vicky who wrote this on his Facebook wall

Just when I am about helping her arrange her official Obituary, the Dead is now alive and claiming she was about killing herself because of depression and the reason she faked her death is to know her real friends and Fake ones too. Who does that? Uche Anunobi and Sabina Amaka is this a new way to know one's true friends and I am not aware of it?

Dear Christy Glo

I called you with my lines for about 34mins, I sent your number to over 5 friends to help me call you and see if someone will pick, I even used my mother's phone to see if you will pick....Nne, you refused to even busy the calls.

This morning, I hurriedly checked your profile, only for me to learn that you're dead and that your elder sister and some family members are heading to your village for your Burial.
At first I was confused, to know more, I called you via WhatsApp, someone picked and told me that YOU are NO MORE and that she is your elder sister.

I still have record of my brief conversation with the said "elder sister". I felt sad because you are my friend and because my little attempt to help save the situation didn't yield any result and finally she didn't make it again.

My dear, No form of depression can cause one to FAKE her own DEATH.
You can't play with people's emotion and expect them to just laugh over it....or even ask God to help you.
Publicity stunt? Who does that using death and depression? If you want to be famous o whatever you intend to achieve, death is not part of the option to choose from.
And as far as I am concerned, Christy Glo you're writing from the Graveyard and the only way you can convince me is putting out a Live Video just like you did to announce your plan to commit suicide.
Just imagine?

Whoelse thinks she needs to be arrested?

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