I always hear people say that Africa has a leadership problem but truth is Africa has a citizenry problem.

As citizens, it is our duty and responsibility to create a system that challenges bad leaders. It is unfortunate that youths supports non performing leaders to their own detriment.

Atiku's children studied in the best schools abroad; Buhari's children also studied in the finest schools abroad. You're still poorly paid/unemployed/unemployable, because you got a kpangolo degree after being on strike for months. Yet here you are insulting folks over Atiku/PMB. Na wa

Remember... This is democracy, We don't only have rights, the power and government in democracy belongs to us...

It's time we rise beyond our baseless primordial sentiments and demand credible and accountable leadership from people who are best options and not voting people in just because we want our cousins to be the President .

Dauda Ablaku Faris

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