11 Items you should have in your car before driving on the Highway

  1. Warning triangle (C-Caution)

For if your car breaks down on the road, and you want people to know, so they don’t ram into you.
  1. Fire extinguisher

Oh well, for when your car overheats and/or is on fire, so you don’t cry “had I known” or stress your insurance people.
  1. Jack

For when you want to change your tyre or for when you need to uplift your car to check what’s happening under.

  1. Spare tyre

Well, in case your village people attack one tyre
  1. Wheel spanner

You need it to unscrew the tyre that your village people attacked.
  1. First Aid kit

Very important for injuries, small medical emergencies, (especially when you’re) in the middle of nowhere.
  1. Water

You can have some in the car for drinking, but this water is mainly for your radiator, in case it is overheating.
  1. Hydraulic

So that if the one in your engine finishes, work and motion will not stop. Hydraulic fluids are also responsible for lubrication, heat transfer and contamination control.
  1. Transmission fluid

This one is especially for automatic (gear transmission) cars. Nothing sucks more than being stuck on the highway because your car refused to auto-shift gears.
  1. Torch light

Because something might happen and you may need to come down and inspect your car when it’s dark and lonely.
  1. Spare fan belt

Buy fan belt and put in your car, even if only few people like me know how to change fan belt themselves because it can cut anytime it likes and leave you stranded, if you think it doesn't make sense, as Otto Canon.
Anyway, to avoid stories that touch, “do you know who I am”, or “oga abeg nau”, acquire these items, put them in your car, and refuse to be intimidated by anyone.
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