Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna’s controversial views on the definition of cheating might not be accepted by many Nigerians, but he however insists that he has never cheated on his wife and doesn’t see any reason to.
"I have never cheated on my wife"- IK Ogbonna says, however states that he can forgive his wife's infidelity if no feelings were involved
According to him;
For me, I looked for a woman that had everything that I wanted. From beauty to brains, companionship and friendship. I’m more about building my family, life and builfing a future both for my internal/external family. I really don’t have the time (to cheat) as i’m always workin and whatever time left is spent with family.
On whether he cooks for his wife, IK said;

Yes, I love cooking, The beauty of cooking is when you see somebody enjoying your food. The beauty for me is when I see the person I love enjoying my meal. She’s actually smilling because of the meal I ccoked for her. I try to do everything and anything to maake her happy and If cooking is one of them…. She cocoks for me, I cook for her. It’s just beautiful as far as I’m concerned.
On why he thinks men cheat, IK said;

People say it is in every man’s DNA but I dont think so. It’s a mindset. If you hang around people that cheat, you would probably become a cheater, and vice versa. I don’t think every man is a cheat. It’s a spiritual thing for some. Some Men cheat because they want to cheat. Same with women, it’s a personal decision

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