Drake’s alleged Baby Mama Sophie Brussaux just had her baby shower. It looks like the 27-year-old mother-to-be could be due any time in the next couple months; though reports have always said October.
Sophie and Drake had a brief fling last January right after the Champagne Papi broke up with superstar Jennifer Lopez. The pair was seen spending time together in the famous rapper’s hometown of Toronto, Canada.

While the pair were only presumed to be together for a matter of weeks, Drake left Brussaux with a gift that keeps on giving. Alleged screen shots of the conversation where Brussaux informed Drake of her pregnancy surfaced, making Drake look dirty.

He accused Brussaux of pulling a stunt to try and get her hands on his money. Whether that was the case or not, Brussaux was definitely pregnant and, according to herself and her lawyers, he’s the Baby Daddy.

Sophie Brussaux celebrated the upcoming birth of her first child surrounded by close friends. She wore a blue sash proudly sporting the words “Mum To Be;” that’s right, Drake’s having baby boy!

Well, Drake hasn’t actually publicly acknowledged Sophie’s pregnancy, but he won’t be able to deny his paternity but so hard once the baby arrives. Brussaux has stuck to her story that Drake is the father, and if she’s sure, you know she’s going to agree to a paternity test.

At which point, Drake will have no more deniability and refusing to accept his child at that point would make him just another deadbeat dad. This is a concept that, in Drake’s own words, he has a personal relationship with.

While Brussaux’s pregnancy could seem like one of those trap-a-rich-dude type schemes, she really does seem to be enjoying the whole experience. And motherhood is a big commitment; single motherhood even more so-she genuinely seems excited.

And financial support from a famous man for an accidental baby isn’t always guaranteed, so if Sophie had planned this to trap Drake, it was quite a gamble. Brussaux is a grown woman who had a successful porn career long before Drake.

The famous rapper has a bit of a reputation for liking/being into sex workers while simultaneously shaming them for doing the work that drew him to them in the first place. Maybe, if Drake does turn out to the father, he can knock of this nice guy f***boy mess and grow up.

If Drake is the father, we are on the edges of our seats about what baby Adonis is going to look like. Congrats to Brussaux on her baby shower.

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