Former MFM Pastors And Members Accuse G.O Olukoya Of Fraud In US Property Dispute

The G.O of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Daniel Olukoya, is in the spotlight in a US court after his church dragged some former pastors and members to court over monetary and property disputes.

MFM is seeking declaratory judgment and damages against Pastors Lawrence Adetunji, Ronke Adetunji, and 11 former members of MFM, Bowie, Maryland.

At issue are real property described as 5506 and 5503 Church Road in Bowie, Maryland, which were acquired by MFM Bowie in 2001 and 2004 respectively. Also in contention are funds for the MFM building in Bowie.
MFM International (Lagos) claims that the property acquired with the contributions and offerings of the members of MFM in Bowie, are property of MFM headquarters by way of trust.

The plaintiffs claim further that when Pastor Adetunji and most members of MFM in Bowie decided not to associate further with the denomination, Pastor Adetunji was under an obligation to hand over the properties and funds to MFM headquarters.

In their response, the defendants allege that they decided to sever their relationship with MFM and its leadership because of the illegal and fraudulent activities of MFM International, Lagos.
They allege that MFM International was in the practice of knowingly and deliberately making false claims to evade U.S. Customs duties and taxes on books exported from Nigeria to U.S.
The nature of the illegal activities stems from the fact that the plaintiffs would ship prayer books to various U.S.-based MFM branches with a cover letter categorizing the books as “donations” to be distributed to local parishioners.
However, once delivered to the U.S, instructions were then emailed to U.S. pastors instructing them of the price they must charge parishioners in selling these books. The pastors were then instructed to remit the earnings of their sales to MFM International.
Some Officers of MFM International, including the G.O, Daniel Olukoya are expected to get into the witness box at the hearing. Credit : Sahara reporters