During my short stay in a Nigerian University, I saw how sadistic many Nigerian lecturers are.
One of them told us "I was a very good student, and I still came out with a 2:2, I don't see any of you better than I was as a student, so none of you is worth better than a 2:2"
As at 2007, the department of mechanical engineering of Nnamdi Azikiwe University was actually proud of the fact that no one has been able to graduate with a first class in years.
While top schools in the UK pride and brag about how many first class graduates they have produced, and how no one has failed in some departments over the last few years; Nigerian universities brag about how rare it is to get a first class in some departments. They brag about how no one has been able to get a first class over the past 20 years.

A typical UK University will be ASHAMED admit to the public that they haven’t produced a first class grad from a department in two years. But a Nigerian university is proud to tell you how no one has been able to graduate with a first class in 20 years.
What we need to understand is that academically, Nigerians are NOT dull. I dare to say Nigeria has some of the most brilliant scholars in the academic world. This can easily be verified when you take a country-by-country statistical analysis of academic performances in some top universities and colleges on earth.
I have personally seen Nigerians break records in many UK Universities, and do so like a walk in the park.
Let me make a statement now.
Any student who was able to make a GENUINE 2:1 from a Nigerian university can VERY EASILY bag a first class in a UK University.
By "Genuine" 2:1, I mean those who wrote their WAEC, university exams with their abilities, and without any form of malpractice. I'm not talking about those who paid or slept their ways through it.
Truth remains that those Nigerians with "genuine" results are in the minority.
I'm emphasizing on GENUINE because I've seen first class graduates from Nigerian universities embarrass our country. So, my definition of the word GENUINE must be emphasized.
The efforts it takes you to genuinely bag a 2:1 and even in some cases a 2:2 in a Nigerian Federal or State University with those sadistic lecturers and extremely difficult environment will give you a first class in a UK University.
I can't prove this statement, but I'm absolutely sure of what I've just said.
Have you ever wondered why some supposedly average Nigerian students go ahead to break legs in some tops universities? Here you are.
Nigerian universities look for ways to make studying difficulty for students, while developed countries keep researching ways to make acquiring knowledge easy for students.
The differences start from the curriculums, the quality of teachers, the infrastructures, the mindset of the lectures.
The average lecturer in a UK University doesn’t want the extra job of marking resit papers, so they want all their students to pass. They actually wish all students would just pass and "leave them alone".
In my final year, my Fluid Mechanics lecturer almost knelt down while "begging" us to pass without resits.
While our Nigerian lecturers keep threatening students on how they will fail them.
I can carry on with the comparisons, but I will stop.
A GENUINE 2:2 graduate of a Nigerian University is an above average scholar.
A GENUINE 2:1 graduate of a Nigerian university is a TOP STUDENT who would easily give many first class students in the UK a good run for their time, efforts and money.
A GENUINE first class graduate of a Nigerian federal University can put some Harvard lecturers to "shame" if given the chance.
I'm emphasizing genuine so that the majority of Nigerian students won't start deceiving themselves and fanning their egos. MOST results from Nigeria are NOT genuine. We all know this as Nigerians. Only those of you with genuine results should read this and keep your head high.
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Credit: Nkechi Bianze.

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