"Choose your Sugar Daddy wisely," Lizzy Anjorin, says, as she showers encomium on hers during her Movie "Owo Nairabet" Premier

According to the actress: "A night to my event I was very scared! I was scared to death, yes! I was scared!. Not bcos of the money I have spent, not becos of people infact not bcos of anything, but bcos of God Himself, He's an unpredictable and unchallengeable God, when He predict‎, that's final.

He will bless a beautiful marriage with 6 female kids and bless just ordinary side chick with a bouncing baby boy, who dare to challenge Him???.. He will support your enemies just to torture you more to prepare you for greatness, so I was scared!! Is He going to support me that have only Him as a friend or them with many friends?? so I was scared.

When I walked into the hall, I was expecting to see empty seats as they had threatened but behold! JAGUNLABI was with me, He was already there before me. Note; He was not there alone, He came with awon ALAGBARA ati awon OLOWO AYE and I burst into tears bcos my Sugar Daddy caught me unaware!!

Choose your Sugar Daddy wisely, mine is always there for me.. can you guess the name of my aforementioned Sugar Daddy??? #whitedragon #eganwadogo"

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