Shocking! Three Sets of Twins, Same Parents,Same Birthday.

I just read of Carrie Kosinski of Racine, Wisconsin and her husband, Craig Kosinski had always wanted a huge family because Carrie herself was adopted and she imagined she would have her own kids and adopt as well. She said:
“I grew up in a big family. Growing up, I had always wanted, like, 18 children was my number”. “I had been seeing a doctor and they said it was going to be very difficult for us to get pregnant on our own.”
So months after getting married, she and her husband Craig decided to adopt kids. So when her pregnant High school friend reached out to her to adopt her daughter, she immediately agreed, not knowing she was pregnant with twins, Adalee and Kena. The first children they adopted, Adalee and Kena were born on February 28.
A year later, when they decided to adopt again, the same mother, asked if Craig and Carrie could also adopt her older twins, JayJay and CeeCee so all the kids could be together. The couple agreed and adopted them as well.
These set of twins were also born on February 28.

Fortunately, Carrie who was told she couldn't have kids due to severe endometriosis, became pregnant with twins in 2015 through IVF and guess what? Shockingly, she also gave birth to her set of twins on February 28.
Each 3 sets of twins were all born on the same day! How eerie is that?? Lol.

All of the twins are 5 girls and 1 boy, so the Kosinski home will have their hands really full on the children's birthday.

Credit: Inside Edition

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