See Why Women Should Not Grow Beards– Nnaemeka Oruh

Of course there are women out there whose beards are even longer and fuller than mine, but that doesn’t make it normal. In a normal world, it is expected that women are not supposed to grow beards. I mean,beards are expected to be exclusively a “man thing”.In this case however, I am being metaphorical.Beards here are equated with power,fame,authority, etc, and years back,many believe that such traits are mainly for men.

So why is it then that most people are uncomfortable with women wielding power?If one is to be vry simplistic, one would say it is because women are wont to abuse power when they achieve the rare feat of possessing it.I may not belong to this school of thought,but I certainly am aware that amongst women,power is more intoxicating than it is with men.I may be wrong, but my experiences beg to differ.
The questions one has to ask include;
1. Who shaves off the hairs of the widow(one of the things we consider harmful traditional practice) ?
2. Who administers the corpse water to the widow(Another harmful traditional practice)?
3. Who maltreats the housemaid?
4. How many women vote for female political aspirants?
5. Who is more antagonistic to the woman; the male lecturer or the female lecturer?The male Police Officer or the female Police Officer?
Let each of us silently answer the questions. For me though, it seems that for women,hurting their fellow women or tearing them down is only second nature. Sugabelly proved this, when despite the fact that a lady was very conspicuous in photos, she sought to tear her down by commending the foliage, and criticizing her!This is one of the key reasons why the gods in their wisdom decided that women should not grow beards!
Has anybody else also noticed that when women “grow beards”, the darkest part of their being comes to the shore,seizes them, and turns them to monsters?At that point, all they think of is how to exercise the powers(or beards in this case),intimidate as many people as possible,implement sadistic measures, and often times seek for the destruction of the men.Again, from my tiny basin of experiences/knowledge,let me provide examples;
1. I worked temporarily in an organisation where a certain lady had this over-bloated notion of her importance.And because she had the confidence of the Executive Director,she turned to a marauding terror to all staff,using lies,pseudo-truths, and outright threats.
2. I may be wrong,but the Margret Thatcher image I have is that of an unwavering sadist.
3. On the literary scene, because female writers have been given literary powers,Flora Nwapa ensures that most of her male characters are fools; Emecheta castrates her male characters; while Nawal El Sadaawi kills them off.
And on the “killing them off” note, let us cross over to Madam Sugabelly again.
After Sugabelly became the symbol of the “victimized outspoken woman”, Twitter verified her account and unofficially, she became the powerful(with lots of beards) spokesperson of young women. What did she do with this power apart from tearing down other young women? Well,she sent out series of tweets urging young wives to kill off their husbands as the panacea to the perennial man-woman problem. Let’s say they listen to her,what next?Commencement of a violent and bloody war between the sexes?
You understand now, why women should not grow beards?

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