Satanic WhatsApp message ‘drives’ two teenagers mad (photo/video)

Two teenagers were rushed to the hospital after they were found “babbling incoherently” in the early hours of yesterday morning at their home in El Agustino, Peru.
According to MirrorUK, their father claims his two daughters were possessed by a Satanic text message that came through WhatsApp, after he found them playing with a mobile phone.

A video clip showed the girls in their pajamas, lay down on the floor and making strange noises.
They were wailing in a high-pitched voice and mumbling as their family filmed them.
Other pictures show one of the girls being held down in the back of an ambulance as medics worked
to calm her down.
Doctors said the girls were “hysterical” when they arrived at Hipolito Unanue Hospital hospital, reports Correo.
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