I've heard several people argue about showing off one's lover or boyfriend before being dutifully married or even engaged.

Some say it's a bad idea while others think it's just right.
I'm not a relationship coach but I've got a few sentences to say concerning this issue.

First of all, I'll like to mention that showing off one's lover or not depends on the individuals and their past experiences.

Several people feel the rush to show off their Lovers because they just enjoy the romance as it comes, and they aren't afraid of tomorrow either because they've never been heartbroken, betrayed or have gone through all but healed so fast and decided to try all over . Let's not forget that most people are natural "show offs" . They always want to share every story of their lives with people as that makes them feel better.
So these set of people can have one new lover and show him/her off immediately for others to see and when they eventually break up, they share sad/motivational quotes to psych themselves; then show off the next lover immediately they get one. Besides they almost don't care If the said lover gets to be stalked by "lover hunters" so it's better to let them take their own risks.

Secondly, some individuals on the other hand are reserved either because they were born that way or have been heartbroken or betrayed several times so they are scared to show off their lover; either for fear of breaking up or just keeping their "Bae" off the eyes of "lover scavengers".

These people only show off their Lovers after marriage, with very few photos.

In a nutshell, just because you are not okay or okay with the concept of showing off your lover before marriage doesn't make the other party an "idiot" .
Learn to respect other people's opinions, you don't know them more than they know themselves.

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