The Nigerian Communication Commission Is Trying To Make Nigerians Pay More For Data And We Are Not Having It.

The internet is an essential item in a lot of lives today.

Whether it’s business or pleasure, it’s super important and even ranks close to the basic necessities of life. However, in this recession, some people still want us to pay more for it

As if we’re not already paying for a lot of things. Case in point: these items that have skyrocketed prices just this year. Anyway, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) instructed Nigerian telecommunications companies to increase data tariffs and if what we hear is true, one of the data companies that used to sell 1.5GB of data for N1000 is going to start selling for N3000

Anyway, Nigerians are not having any of it. They have taken to twitter to debate this because this is clearly not the time for such (in short, no time is the time sef)

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