Final year student of the Ogun State College Of Health Tech, alleged crushed by an NBC truck

The incident allegedly happened yesterday morning, while the girl was returning from the bank.

The report continued thus:

"OGUN STATE COLLEGE OF HEALTH has been the most peaceful campus for 40 years now and won several awards where holistic health is practiced Will NOT BE MUTE IN THE FACE OF INJUSTICE,IN THE FACE OF TYRANNY.

As we all know JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED ...Here are our demands.....Firstly the truck driver should be produced and persecuted.
.Secondly the truck should be produced,thirdly an ATM machine should be provided in the school premises because if students did not have to go down to withdraw this wouldn't have happened.

For the soldiers who beat up students should also be provided....A 48HRS ultimatum has been set -....#OPERATION OCCUPY NIGERIAN BREWERIES LOADING!!!!!!!!! #CONCERNED STUDENTS FOR THE UNION......#ANINJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL!!!!!! R.I.P BLESSING."

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