US ELECTION: Hillary Clinton claims the first victory of Election Day, beating Trump in New Hampshire's tiny Dixville Notch 4-2

* Dixville Notch, population nine, was the first to count its ballot
* Four people voted Clinton, two Trump, one Johnson and one Mitt Romney
* The village usually votes Republican, but also supported Obama in 2008
* Obama and Romney were tied in 2012, so the write-in could be sour grapes
* It's had a roughly 50:50 success rate in predicting Presidents since 1960

The 2016 US election has officially begun, with Hillary Clinton coming out on top in the first results to come back - the nine-person community of Dixville Notch.
Clinton came out with just under half the vote, as a whopping four people picked her to win. Trump did half as well with two, while Gary Johnson racked up one.
But the real surprise was a written-in vote for 2012 candidate Mitt Romney.
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Clinton's success may seem odd: Not only does the community usually vote Republican, there are only two women and seven men.
Then again, the remote New Hampshire community voted overwhelmingly for Obama in the 2008 election - giving him 15 votes to John McCain's six.
That was the first time the majority chose a Democrat since 1968, when they plumped for Humbert H Humphrey II against eventual winner Richard M Nixon.
In fact, the town's hit rate in the elections has been only slightly over 50:50 since 1960.
It could be Dixville Notch voters were swayed Clintonwards this election by the Obama's full-throated support of the Democratic candidate in Philadelphia tonight.

Source: Mail Online

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