A young lady has told a startling story about her father’s S3@.x:’ual involvement with her own sister in their home.

According to her, she had noticed her father’s closeness to her sister but didn’t know it has gone as far as S3@.x:’. Read how she shared the story below:

”I have always sensed that my father was too close to my elder sister. The man was just too fond of her and obviously so. Over the years, I even grew jealous considering the attention he gave her to my own expense. Me and my sister are my parents only two children. I used to tell my mother about what I felt about my father but she always waved me off.

“It’s just in your imagination. Your father loves you all equally” she would say.

”Still I felt sidelined by my father and this caused some friction in the relationship between me and my sister though we still got along pretty well. Well, I got admission to study Accounting in Benue State Univerity last year but my sister is still seeking admission. So I came home last week on a short visit and that was when I made the most shocking discovery of my life.

”I walked into the house quietly to surprise my family since they didn’t I was coming and I saw my father on top of my sister having s*x with her on a couch. I screamed and ran outside. I sat down under a tree in front of our house badly shaken. I just picked my small bag and began to go back to school. I couldn’t handle it. Now, I don’t even know what to do; whether to tell my mother or just keep quiet about it.”

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