Home Renovation Cause Emotional Turmoil Between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have had one hell of a year so far. With Kardashian being held at gun point during a heist in Paris and West taking a mental break from the spotlight, it was reported that there has even been some emotional turmoil about their recent home renovation.

Sources say that during the final taping of Khloe's talk show back in April, Kim made some complaints about them sinking $8 million into their Hidden Hills home remodel and that it was all on her dime.

The renovation is said to have cost around $10 million. The main reason they dropped so much cash on the renovations is due to Kanye not being able to make up his mind. He would request a change in the plans and once it was completed, he'd order the contractors to start it over and do it another way.

It was also reported that the entire remodeling process has been frustrating to say the least. It is said to have caused much tension between the couple and to this day, they have never spent a night in the house they bought 2 years ago.

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