I've seen Bobrisky several times and listened to him talk several times and I have finally gotten proofs that Bobrisky is so gay. I wonder why he's still denying it, if what he's doing is right he won't deny being gay but I guess he's just scared of spending 14 years in prison that way he won't even see his "bae"or use that N100k cream again.
See Three Major Proofs To Bobrisky's Gay Side

1. He talks like a girl and always have ladies conversations like
"Bae built and furnished my house"
"bae just paid in N10m into my account"
"Of course bae used condom"
"Bae has approved my trip to london"
"bae doesn't like my hairstyle so I'm going to change it"

Haba, which kind of girlfriend would be this kind of bae?

2. He always does the female seductive dance and we all know that that's annoying if you are a girls and your boyfriend comes up like a female stripper with a funny strip skirt. He can dress like a female if he likes that doesn't mean he's gay but all strip dancing and moaning like a girl? Brother that's gay!

3. He want's to tell you how he keeps his bae next he's giving us the female version and talking to you like he's a girl
he goes like
"Always look beautiful and sexy, do your nails , wear nice perfume let your skin glow, that's how I keep bae"
Haba, whatever happened to men looking hot ans pampering their girlfriends too.

Anyway, that's all for now.
I can't wait for Bobrisky's Wedding Too.

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