AboutTB Joshua's Prophesy: Hillary Clinton Actually Won US Presidential Election

I laugh when I observe some misguided people attacking Prophet TB Joshua that he predicted a "fake" outcome for the US presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Even those who don't know anything about prophesies were joining to attack a man of God. Sigh!

I even had to caution Reno Omokri this morning, telling him that as a pastor he should know better than to attack a Prophet. Why? TB Joshua said Hillary Clinton would win the US election with a very small margin.

TB Joshua never said Hillary Clinton would win Electoral College. In fact, TB Joshua probably do not know what his called Electoral College because other countries of the world were elections are conducted (including Nigeria) there is nothing like Electoral College. The winner is determined by normal voting and Hillary Clinton defeated Trump in the normal voting.

As a Prophet, TB Joshua saw that Mrs. Clinton won the election by a small margin during voting and he said exactly what he saw. Simple!

So was TB Joshua right? Yes! Hillary Clinton won the US election by a small marging.

Latest report from America...
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finds herself moving ahead in the popular vote, according to the latest numbers that emerged this afternoon.

Mrs Clinton got 59,293,087 votes nationally, to beat Trump who has 59,131,346 — she defeated him with a small margin of about 160,000. What this means is that, because of what they call Electoral College in America, Mrs. Clinton will become the fifth U.S. presidential candidate to win the highest vote, she defeated her opponent, but couldn't make it to the white house due to Electoral College issue.

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