I don't know if you've been following up but Lilian ans her husband have been having serious issues and close sources even confirmed that she's left his house.

Sources also confirmed that Lilian has been saying she wants to be a single mum. All this is because Ubi did something bad or he's been doing something bad and Lilian has had it up to her neck. The babe said she's tired.

Anyway the beef has been going on for a while but people didn't notice until Lilian didn't give a hoot about there wedding anniversary, she didn't talk about it; and to add to that Ubi even opened his new roof top bar and restaurant Tilt Terrace and Lilian didn't blink, meanwhile Ubi has been the Chief of "I Love My Family" write ups.

Here's what people have been saying

Well, that's all for now, I want to go get the gist of the exact thing he did*winks*

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  1. I must commend ur efforts,its nice seeing people doing something positive
    But i don't feel circulating stories about people's problem is the best approach to being known.
    These are trying times for the family & they need your prayers & support! Not you circulating a story you don't even know half of it,just comments by people.
    Don't settle for cheap stories that's how you get poisoned,blogs like LIB,BN is known for its class.its a family matter,let them be my dear cos It makes ur blog seem like a gossip spot.
    All the best.


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