Thousands sign petition asking YouTube to ban thin vlogger as she's promoting anorexia.

A vlogger is playing defense after a petition claimed her “serious underweight condition” could influence young girls — and called for a YouTube ban until she seeks help. Her videos range in content but most include hair, make-up and wardrobe advice .

Eugenia Cooney, 22, with an online following of almost 1 million, insisted she had

“never encouraged ... or told people to look like me or anyone” after a petition called “

Temporarily Ban Eugenia Cooney off of YouTube” garnered more than 18,000 signatures.

“I’m really sorry to the people who want me banned off of YouTube, I’m really not trying to do anything wrong. I just don’t really think it’s right to try to get people banned off of YouTube unless they've done something really bad,"

she tweeted on Thursday.
In a Youtube video she released addressing the criticism two weeks ago, she added: 'Some people are saying I'm like a bad influence on girls. I just want you guys to know like I have seriously never have tried to be a bad influence on YouTube or to influence anyone badly. .

I would never want to do that. I have never told anyone to try to like lose weight or to try to like change the way they look or to look like me." She has received a torrent of abuse and pleas to get help from fans both angry and concerned about her tiny frame.
Among those to have signed the petition is one person who said:

"My little cousin lost 17lbs because she wanted to look like Eugenia. She is now receiving care. She is only 12-years-old."

The petition appeared to have been removed from Friday.

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