The "Black Messiah," gets an indefinite hospital order for manslaughter.

A mentally ill Nigerian student, Femi Nandap, 23, who stabbed to death a lecturer who was delivering postcards announcing the birth of his daughter, has been given an indefinite hospital order, after pleading guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility after killing Dr Jeroen Ensink, 41, as he left his flat in Islington, north London on 29 December 2015.

Nadap told officers he was the "black Messiah" and voices had told him to kill a man as a sacrifice. Just six days earlier, the Nigerian student whose visa had expired, walked free from court after charges of possession of a knife and assaulting a police officer against him were dropped due to insufficient evidence.

In a victim statement delivered to the court, Ensink's widow, Nadia, 37, questioned why a man who was suffering from psychotic delusions was not detained after allegedly waving a 30-inch knife and attempting to assault an arresting officer in Primrose Gardens, north- west London in May 2015.

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