April Mason's Exact Words
Being strong and independent by societies definition is not a badge of honor. We have been programmed to believe that we don't need anything or anybody, especially a man. I don't know about you, but I don't want to be strong and carry it all.

Yes, I understand that we've had too in order to take care of our families. Well, I say NO MORE! Men get in your rightful positions and women LET THEM! We are breaking our bodies down having to do it all. We haven't a clue about our purpose because our lives have been dedicated to taking care of others and not ourselves. Back hurting, knees bad, arms weak and health issues all because of the pride associated with being called "a strong black woman". Our strength is in our FEMININITY, but we have LOST or never even tapped into it because we've been trained to strong in a masculine sense. Who cares why it happened, it's time to fix it! NO MORE BLAME! NO MORE EXCUSES! IT'S TIME TO HIT THE RESET BUTTON. Time to get back to being a feminine woman! IF MY MESSAGE ISN'T FOR YOU, KEEP IT MOVING! My name is April Mason and I approve this message! #woman #inspire #inspiration #blackdress #blackwomen #blackwoman #dress #shoes #hair #wife #sister #bff #love #marriedatfirstsight #independent 
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