Police Officer's Head Broken By His Oga

As reported by Zully Mawedo Suleiman

This morning on my way from class I saw a large gathering so I told the bike man to drop me, will like to know what's going on. When I got there I saw blood stain all over the place what happened I asked in a hurry, a lady told me that an inspector of police broke a guy's head for refusing to run an errand for him, the guy said he was the only one in the shop so he could not leave his shop to buy recharge card for the officer, so where is the victim I asked? He has been taken to the hospital, I rushed to the hospital and I met the doctors the guy was unconscious but they assured me he will be fine. So I asked to see the Inspector, I met him with the younger brother of the victim and another police officer, the guy had gone to the station to make a report. And the police who came with him started harassing the young man why didn't u tell me the person u came to report is a police officer? He is my oga, he is an inspector am only a coporal I can't arrest him, I want to become an inspector too. I said very good am interested in this case I snapped him, brought out a paper and biro from my handbag and wrote down the Coporal's name, I told him am going to the police station and he had better come along with the inspector, so they both asked who I was. Told them my name is Zuliat and that's all I can say, the inspector begged not to go I told him am only taking him there because he is an officer of the law and I don't want a repeat of such oppression from any officer in uniform so I have to make my case clear, we got to the station met the CPO I told him the guy is my brother and I want justice, he pleaded with me and I said well I want to see the DP0. I told the DP0 all that transpired and that I want the inspector treated the way they would treat an ordinary citizen who victimised his fellow Nigerian, he looked at me and said are u a lawyer? I said no, then who are you? Am a Nigerian my name is Zuliat I want Justice. So they started begging, I gave them my conditions. That the inspector will take care of all the hospital bills and any other expenses, that the police would check on the dude from time to time and see how he is faring, and I want a paper so I make my statement which I wil withdraw after the guy is confirmed fit. To the glory of God the guy is responding to treatment and his parents are here now. I couldn't attend any of my class since morning.

Okey bye. 

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