Nigerian Muslim cleric warns against gender equality.

Sheikh Isyaka Rabiu a prominent Muslim cleric and the leader of the influential Tijjaniya Brotherhood in Nigeria, has warned Muslim lawmakers that they will be condemned as "unbelievers" if they back a new gender equality bill because the bill proposes that men and women inherit an equal share, violating the Koran.

The senate has already rejected an earlier version of the bill, saying, in March, that it was incompatible with Nigerian culture and religious beliefs.

The new bill has been sponsored by a female senator, and is a watered-down version of the rejected Gender and Equal Opportunity Bill.

Sheikh Isyaka Rabiu told the BBC that "whoever approves of it (the bill) is an unbeliever, not Muslim. I am appealing to all Muslim [senators] to never allow this bill to become law and if they do, we are going to tell all Nigerian Muslims not to accept it."

Source: BBC

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