Nigerian man accused of beating up his Kenyan babymama denies. See his Story

A certain Nigerian, Bola Gold, has denied assaulting his babymama, Francene Chettle, after she raised an alarm via her IG page, that she was beaten up at a nightclub. The couple had been living together for more than three years and they welcomed a baby in May, 2016.

In denying, Bola said: “It is not true. We went to B-Club together, I wanted to talk to her. I asked if I could have a word with her privately, but when we went outside and she spotted a cop, she told him I raped her, and was arrested. .

I told the cop it wasn’t true, he let me go. I went home, parked my things because I couldn’t believe someone I had been living with for three years could do that to me. She should release proof that shows I assaulted her."

When you tell them to stick with Nigerian women they would say they can't deal, my brothers no place like home jare.

Credit: Mpasho News

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