Nigerian gynaecologist warns against using tampons for menstrual flow.

Dr Kike Adesina of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital has warned women not to use tampons for menstrual cycle as it portends danger to them. Adesina of the Department of Gynaecology of UITH said that tampons could pose danger to women’s health.

She said: “Tampons in themselves are not safe due to the impact on vaginal health and hygiene. Women sometimes forget tampons in their body and this can serve as reservoir of infections." .
According to her, research has shown women who use tampons can have Toxic Shock Syndrome. She explained that suffering such syndrome could lead to miscarriages, loss of limbs and hair, severe organ damage, miscarriages, and many other severe health complications.

Adesina noted that the highly-absorbent feminine napkins that contain synthetic materials could block the wetness and temperature. “This eventually causes the growth of yeast and bacteria,” she said. .

She said caution should be applied while using other menstrual pads, adding that most of these products have secrecy surrounding its mode of production. “Due to the chemical processes used to create sanitary napkins, there’s a risk that women who use menstrual pads can experience irritation and infection.

“Recently, I heard rumours that these product contain dioxin, if this is true, then the effects of dioxin are carcinogenic,” she said. The gynaecologist advised women to use sanitary towels instead of tampons and maintain frequent hygiene.

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