Must I Get Married?

Okay I just got this email from an Elcutiee Reader.
Here's what it said.

Hello Elcutiee,
I am a 27 years old lady that has seen almost all sides is life, let's just say I grew up so fast.
At 20 I graduated from the university and at 25 I can proudly say I have two masters degree and a great career in nutrition. I also have several businesses on the side, and I am known to be a great investor, my friends call me "madam shares" as I always buy shares.

My my life hasn't been all 🌹 as everyone thinks, especially my love life.
I've date over 30 men who all dumped me , had over 20 flings and counting.
Yes they dumped me because I was too open and over loving.
I over planned everything, thinking it would work, just like in the movies.
My fault was being too nice, playing wifey roles, and forcing the guys to marry me(stupid move)
The last boyfriend I loved ended up dating me for my money, in fact he disappeared after I gave him 10 million Naira and next thing I heard, he was married. He is actually a Nigerian Celebrity and I heated he was dating other rich girls while we were together. Jigolo!

Anyway I still have guys coming my way but they aren't my standard, I didn't work so hard to get to this level only to fall below my standards. I don't even crush on guys anymore. I think I've lost the romantic part of me. I practically am asexual.

Tell me, do I really have to get married?
Considering the fact that I can take care of myself all the way.

Oya o, this one is bigger than me, my dearest readers help!

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