Meet the Born Again Male Prostitute Who Says He’s Doing God’s Work By Helping Lonely Women In Bed

A 38-year-old South African man named Zwe, is bragging about his sexual prowess and newfound fame with married women.

He is a God-fearing born-again Christian man who goes to church every Sunday. However, Zwe said that he started making a living as a male prostitute after he realised he could make a lot of money from keeping lonely women company.

“Some women went almost two months without being intimate with their spouses and that’s where I come in. God gave me this good body and nice private parts so I am using them to make a living and support my family. No one should judge me,” he said.

Zwe boasts about how his female clients compliment him after their marathon sex sessions and they keep coming back for more. He charges upwards of R500 (approx. N11,000) for two hours of sex.

“It is because I make them feel loved,” he explained.

Zwe said he became a male prostitute after going through an ugly divorce eight years ago. At that time, he was a teacher. He gave up his job and moved to Limpopo, where he was trying to get another teaching job.

After months of an unsuccessful job search, he started sleeping with women. He said that some of the women gave him money for giving them such a good time.

Zwe said that it was then he realized he could make a nice living as a male prostitute and support his children, one of whom is in college. He said that he now has steady customers and they always use condoms

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