Man treks from Lagos to Zaria to propose to #DonaldDuke's daughter, but she turns him down saying he is mentally unstable

TundeAgbaje, a 26-year-old cousin of Jimi Agbaje, went on the adventure to prove his love for Xerona Duke

Agbaje whose trek lasted for 19 days narrates how he met her:

I was with my friends sometime in 2010 and while we were discussing about ladies, I said I wished God would just show me my wife anytime soon.

About five minutes later, I went to get food on Awolowo Road. It was my first day at that eatery. I was waiting to be served when she walked in.

I observed that there was a love image at the back of the trousers she put on.

She approached me and asked what she could buy and I advised her. We later exchanged contacts and became friends.

That was how my love for her started growing. We met several times afterwards.”

“I chose to trek to Zaria because her parents dated for six years in ABU, Zaria, before they got married. I didn’t let my parents know and to ensure I was not disturbed, I changed my SIM card. I took a tracker along with me to monitor my movements. I never took a bus at any time. It was a tough task and I even collapsed.

I don't regret what I did. I have proved my love for her, even though she didn’t reciprocate my feeling. Even the man she marries can't do that.

Xerona says:

“Tunde has been harassing and stalking me for the past six years and as far as I am concerned, this is just a new escapade in a series of his harassment.

I met Tunde at a church when I was living in Lagos and we were both part of the youth ministry.

He never had a friendship, let alone a relationship, with me. I was in a music group and some of the youths had my phone number, including him.

He later found out where I lived and came to my house. My mum warned him to leave me alone, but he refused.

I changed my phone number and moved to the US, but I don’t know how he got my contact. I have stopped picking calls from Nigeria because of him.

He later called me and said he was going to trek to prove his love for me in a non-violent way and I told him not to do it because he could die. I said that out of Christian charity.

Two opposite stories. He met her in an eatery, she met him in church. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

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