Man kills friend for recommending drug that made him impotent.

Mr Kumi Mallam Jayi, 20, has been arrested by the Nasarawa State police, for allegedly hacking Hassan Adamu, 27, to death on September 10, 2016, at Jato Mariga. He beheaded him with his cutlass. He also cut off one of his legs, in an apparent attempt to dismember him and make his body untraceable.

The Commissioner of Police, Abubakar Sadiq Bello, said the path that led to the incident began when Jayi sought the advice of Adamu over his inability to have intercourse with his wife. He was deeply disturbed that three years of marriage, he had no child to show for it, due largely to his inability to sustain an erection.

Speaking on the incident, Jayi said: "Adamu brought a native concoction, which he said I should always rub on my manhood before having intercourse with my wife. Prior to using it, I could at least have a short-lived erection. But after using it, even the little erection I could muster, disappeared completely.

I met him and begged him to return my manhood. He told me that there was nothing he could do again to help me. Do you know that my wife had divorced me three times in the past?”

With the prospect of losing his wife, Jayi confronted Adamu, and an altercation ensued between them, leading to Adamu's death. The police commissioner said the process of charging Jayi to court for murder would soon be completed.

Source: The Sun

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