Lecturer's wife allegedly brutalizes her maid in Obudu, Cross river State.

On his Facebook page, Amb Godwin Apple, who is leading the campaign to get justice for the girl, wrote: "It is with much sympathy that I will this evening invite the operational bodies of UNICEF, UPF, UN and the Nigerian States Security Service SSS to commence the arrest of one Dr. Amechi Oha.

A Chief Lecturer in Igbo department, FCE Obudu. He is one time Dean, School of Languages in the same Federal College of Education, Obudu in Cross River State of Nigeria. and his wife Mrs Ijeoma Amechi Oha, who also serve her NYSC in Cross River State and officially married to the said Amechi of the FCE Obudu.
The video below shows how they adopt, enslave, concealed and assult this little girl in pretense of having her as a house maid.
When the little girl started crying in different tunes last night during the torture, it attract the attention of the Vigilante group in the area there in Obudu, and they rushed immediately only to find the little girl in a very weak point, almost out of life.

As the Vigilante attempted to invite the Police, the lady 'Ijeoma Oha' offered them a N3,000 bribe so that they can over-look the situation, but God almighty helped the vigilantee group to insist in inviting the police and the girl was taken to the Sacred Heart Hospital Obudu, while the lady Mrs Ijeoma Oha, was taken away by the police from the Nigerian Police Command, Obudu Division."

They should be both charge for crimes against humanity. This message should also call for the attention of the following bodies:

1. The Inspector-General of Police

2. The National Security Adviser to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

3. The State Security Adviser to the Governor of Cross River State.
4. The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) Obudu.

5. SA to the Governor on Security Matters, Obudu.

6. SA to the Governor on Public Relations, as well as:

7. The Paramount Ruler of Obudu Local Govt Council.
8. Boko Haram (joking)

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