Jamie Redknapp thinks Mourinho's pride may cause him a lose at Stamford bridge

Manchester United have too much talent to play for another draw against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Super Sunday, says Jamie Redknapp.

I've heard people say that Manchester United's draw with Liverpool was a masterclass from Jose Mourinho, but with all the ability in that team, I'm uncomfortable seeing them go to Anfield and playing to stifle their opponents.

They won at Liverpool last season, so why couldn't they do it this year? I don't want to see another game like that on Sunday. I'd like to see United have a go at Chelsea. I'd like to see them open up and hit them on the counter-attack as they have done in big games in previous years.

As we know, however, Jose is not the sort of manager to go on the attack in these games. I don't think anyone was expecting United to play exciting, attacking football this year. He's a winner, but his best games have been when he's gone to places and stopped the opposition from playing.

He's pragmatic and his ego will be on the line at Stamford Bridge, so he won't want to lose. The flip side is that neither will Antonio Conte. He'll be looking at it as a perfect chance to show that he's the man at Chelsea now, so it will be fascinating to see what happens.

This is the sort of game you look forward to at the start of the season, but the added ingredient of Jose going back to his old club makes it an even better game.

There were a lot of Chelsea players who were delighted to see the back of him when he left, because they didn't like his style of management towards the end of his time there.

That is always a worry for me. That style of play is alright for a while, but eventually it gets to the players. We saw it at Chelsea. The big players wanted to be more than a team that stops others from playing. They wanted to play with freedom, but Mourinho wants them to be organised, disciplined and hard to beat.

As for United's team selection, I think there might be a case for playing Wayne Rooney as the central striker. Zlatan Ibrahimovic made a blistering start to the season, but he looked a bit sluggish on Monday night and he has struggled in front of goal recently.

There's no doubt in my mind that Rooney can still play as the main striker. Mourinho has obviously taken the view to put Ibrahimovic ahead of him, but in the last four or five games I've seen, Rooney has looked like more of a goal threat.

One man who has looked more dangerous than both of them is Diego Costa. He'll be flying in this game. He's the Chelsea player United have got to stop, even more than Eden Hazard.

There was a bit of a falling out between him and Mourinho last season, so he'll be desperate to get one over on United. He'll put himself about and he'll make himself a nuisance. I can definitely see him getting on the score sheet.

It's another big game for Paul Pogba, too. I've no doubt he'll be a great player for Manchester United, but I wasn't too sure about his dancing celebrations against Fenerbahce in midweek.

I'd be waiting a little while longer for that kind of thing if I was him. I know it's part of football now, but he's not exactly flying yet and I thought it was a bit pantomime. Save those celebrations for when you're scoring against Chelsea or Liverpool!

Hopefully we see more end-to-end action than we did on Red Monday, but I think it will finish as another draw. Mourinho will make United hard to beat, but I just hope he takes the game to Chelsea too.

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