I consulted 65 pastors before I married Foluke Daramola - Husband

Kayode Salako, the husband of Yoruba Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola, revealed this in an interview, when asked if he was skeptical when he wanted to marry a divorcee since he was also divorced at that time. He said: “I did not fancy Nigerian actresses. .
When I met Foluke, she never proved to me that she was the sterotypical actress. She is a very good cook, washes my underwear, she is homely and not outgoing. In fact, I now prod her to go out. She prefers to be at home with her husband and the children.

She is very reasonable, mentally upright, focus and ambitious. She is godly and she can recite 25 psalms in the Bible off hand. She is not money conscious, fun to be with and till date, we still live as friends.

I wasn’t expecting to marry a perfect woman. I have decided to be her father, her boss, her friend and a teacher. When I was getting married, I told everyone in my family to go all out and make inquiries if she is my wife. I consulted about 65 pastors before I made up my mind on her.”

Wait, did he just say she can recite 25 psalms?
Dear future husband,
I recited different books of the Bible as a child and teenager.
Will that help ? 😊

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