Househelp Shows Off Lavish Lifestyle Since She Hit The Jackpot By Marrying Oyinbo Husband. (Photos)

Not only does he cook for her and take her for vacations, this lady’s aged Oyinbo sugar daddy even slapped her with an I-Phone 7 and other pricey gifts during her birthday.

The story had me cry-laughing though… What some runs girls have been looking for all their life, a mere house help gets it on a platter of gold.. the irony of life.

Recounting how her life changed for the better when she landed her German lover, she wrot

“This was My Morning Full of Suprise. Woke up as Usual To Go in Bath Tab for as usual half an Hour before i take My breakfast. My Hubby told ME Okk babe Enjoy your relax lemmie go And pick some Drinks in the Car i forgot To bring them in The House Yesterday. Na woow few minutes later he came in And this all were suprises for My Birthday. iPhone 7, iPad Air Beautiful fresh ROSES a nice designer Phoex collection, Jennifer Aniston perfume.

Wooow all this got ME in a Suprise. Auchhhhhh 11 years ago i used To Walk from House To House To look for domestic jobs. My expirience for 6 months house girl did ME a good lesson. I could wash even dogs for this Lady… remember you haven’t eaten anything since Morning….Never did i knew this Beautiful life is waiting for ME in 11 years. Patience pays for real am having The best life ever….i can only say Thank You Lord.

Many thanks goes To My Darling Husband Mr Beil. You have Spoiled me with your True Love. I Can’t ASK for more Because The best Love is The Kind that awakens The Soul, that makes US reach for more, that plants The fire in our hearts And brings Peace To our minds. Thats what i Hope And want to give you Forever. You Are My white Diamond. I Love You so much. Thank You My Husband for changing My World Thank you for making My Birthday Special. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO ME”

How she met her life transforming helper is still the question on everyone’s lips though, some are even saying she jinxed the guy, yeah well, her jinx must really have effect… Continue with photos of her lavish lifetstyle below:

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