Exam Malpractice: Top 5 "expo" methods in Nigeria

Now, creativity is one thing Nigerian students have in abundance. Even in the face of a rough and "soughtful" academic environment our students still have one step ahead of their teachers as their grades seem to be as crucial as a vote is to a politician.

These are top 5 of some methods students around the nation reportedly use to smuggle their "bullets" into our exam halls.

5. Lap method.

The lap method involves students writing answers on their thighs.
Although common to ladies alone, it's been known to have known success over the years as invigilators for discretion purpose do not stare at female students for long. Especially "down there".

4. New read method.

Now this should be topping the chart but it isn't cos it isn't more sophisticated as our other three. But with a note on the hall's notice board containing answers and having a heading 'news read', security has surely been breached.

3. Minimized bullet method.

This right here is for the adventurous only. Here, using the smallest available font available, our Alutta compatriot have been known to downsize full textbooks and lecture notes to pocket size. You can only imagine how much damage that can cause in the right hands.

2. Question paper method.

Imagine holding a paper with the school heading and usual question paper heading? Only that it isn't the question paper shared but information on the course one is sitting for. It's so indetectable because it's got routine question paper details like; instruction: answer all question in this section... Etc.

That looks like the crown of it all until you actually witness a student the No 1 method.

1. The "CALCULATOR" method.

Now humans are progressive and adaptive so the exam hall has been one of the habitat worse hit by this adaptive nature of our Alutta brothers here in Nigeria.

The calculator method came top because with phones like infinity zero, techno, iPhones, htc and others perfectly fitted at the back of a scientific calculator containing all available textbook on a course and of cause standby access to the Internet as backup with a deem light, securities have been breached in front of the very people whose expertise is to detect these "bullets".

Now it takes guts to try these methods. Hence the federal ministry of education warn that exam hall "bullet" carriers are liable to face jail terms.... Be warned!!!

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