Domestic help steals boss’ £40,000 (N 23,600,000) to help his parents out of poverty.

His name is Ugbem Samuel, 24, and he was arrested for allegedly stealing £40,000 from his boss, Ajadi Babatunde, of Dipo Oyewole Street, Magodo, Lagos. He was assisted by his younger brother, Ugbem Monday. Narrating how he stole the money, Samuel said:

“When my boss came back with a lot of money from his trip, I invited my younger brother over, with the intention of stealing some of the money and handing it over to him to take to our parents, who are suffering.
I gave him £40,000, which he kept with my sister to keep for us until we are ready to use it. But my boss’ brother came and begged me to say the truth that part of the money would be given to me.
Because stealing is not in my blood, I opened up to him. I also told him where the money was. When we gave the money to my sister, I told her to keep it without telling anyone but she told her husband, who divided the money into two and ran away with half." ...God will judge him

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