One of the most recognizable faces in African soccer has reportedly died at the age of 40. Rigobert Song suffered a stroke on October 3 and was said to have been making a recovery. News of his death was first reported on October 7, days after government officials in his homeland had given him the all-clear.

The only news outlet officially reporting that Song had is Africa News Today. The website quotes Song’s “son” Alex, formerly of Barcelona and Arsenal and who is now at Rubin Kazan in Russia, in confirming the death. Alex Song is not Rigobert Song but rather is his nephew.

ESPN reports that Cameron’s health minister, Andre Mama Fouda, said on October 5, “He leaves conscious. His life is no longer in danger, but he is not out of the woods yet. We hope he gets well soon, and comes back in full form, as we know him to be.”

While on October 5, CamFoot reported that Song had opened his eyes following his coma. The website adds that Song had been airlifted from Yaounde in his homeland to Paris. While being transported to a private plane, Song raised a fist in salute to well-wishers.

The last update on Song’s condition came from L’Equipe on October 7, that report said that Song’s operation had been a success and that he was on the road to recovery.


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