Dead whale found on a beach in Okpo Ita, Akwa Ibom State.

The villagers in Okpo Ita, Ibeno LGA of the state, said they saw the dead whale in the morning of September 15, according to Edem Eniang, a biodiversity conservationist from the University of Uyo.

Some of the villagers had started cutting off the body parts for meat before Eniang and his team of researchers, and the local authorities got to the scene, several days after it was found.

Eniang said the carcass is about 16 metres in length. He said “I observed that something close to four metres was missing." A handful of tourists have been attracted to the scene since the news broke out.
Eniang, who has spent about three days so far in the local community, is persuading the local authorities and the state government to preserve the carcass as a national heritage.

Source: PremiumTimes.

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